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YV100 Ⅱ YAMAHA multi-functional chip mounter

Product name: YV100 YAMAHAmulti-functional chip mounter

Product number: YV100

Products in detail

YAMAHA multi-function chip mounter YAMAHA YV100II

The brand YAMAHA model YV100 - II

Automatic manual automatic SMT speed 10000(grain per hour)

Japan's YAMAHA YV100II SMT machine:

The patch speed: 0.25 seconds/CHIP

Patch size of PCB: L457XW407MM_L50XW50MM

SMT components: CHIP, MELF, SOT, PLCC, QFP,BGA, CSP and special-shaped mechanical and electrical components,

 pin spacingof 0.3 mm or more

Can put 100 kind of patch element (8 mm)

SMT machine size: L1650XW1358X1450

SMT machine weight: 1200 kg

With sophisticated cameras with TRAY

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