YSM20 efficient module chip mounter

Product name: YSM20 efficient module chipmounter

Product number: YSM20

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A wide range of support and efficiency ofthe various production form

With products at the same level of theworld's most rapidly does universal placement machine surface

And have the two head 2 under the conditionof the surface of the beam model placement machine in the best contrast of SMTcapacity (CPH). (the results of the survey in May, 2014)

At the same time by 1 head recommend suiteand generality, provides the ideal solution

Components can be pasted on the range, thespecific implementation "Limitless EXpansion"

Multiple functions as standard, guaranteethe high quality of the SMT

Highly flexible feeding device

Model: Z: LEX

Object substrate size: double period oftransport table model (only for 2 X axis beam specification models)

Send 1 Zhang Jiban: L810 * W50 W490 ~ L50

Send the 2 Zhang Jiban: L380 * W50 W490 ~L50

Monorail models: L810 * W50 W490 ~ L50

Dual-track model: L810 * W50 W230 ~ L50

SMT capacity: the general x 2:9 0000 CPH(HM) head (the company) under the condition of the best

SMT precision: the company best conditions(when using evaluation using standard components) : + / - 0.035 mm (+ / - 0.025mm) Cpk 0.025 sigma (3)

Can be pasted on the mounting head, theelement: the general (HM) head L100mm 03015 ~ 45 * 45 mm, height below 15 mm

according to the height of the element size, may need to beequipped with more visual camera (optional configuration)

Alien: (FM) head L100mm 03015 ~ 55 * 55 mm,height under 28 mm

The number of feeder can be installed(fixed feeder) : up to 140 (to 8 mm strip conversion)

One-time refueling cars: up to 128 (to 8 mmstrip conversion)

Tray switch: 30 (fixed) 10 (skip)

Power specifications: three-phase AC200/208/220/240/220/240/416 v + 10% for 50/60 hz

Supply air: more than 0.45 MPa, quiet dry

Dimensions: 1857 x 1374 x W L H1, 445 mm(except lug boss)

Weight: 2050 kg


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