YS88 multi-function module chip mounter

Product name: YS88 multi-function module chipmounter

Product number: YS88

Products in detail

The characteristics of

Configurable ~ 0402 chip - 55 mmcomponents, the wide range of special-shaped long joint element

The height of the object elementcorresponds to 25.5 mm

10 ~ 30 n can be easy to stick load weightcontrol

All the time, QFP pasted on absoluteaccuracy + 30 microns, repeatedly QFP pasted on the accuracy of plus or minus20 microns

Corresponding multifunctionalspecial-shaped requirements, with 8400 CPH (equivalent to 0.43 seconds/CHIP:best conditions) ability of SMT

Substrate: (L510 x W460mm) corresponding tothe L size

Object substrate: L50 * W460mm W50mm ~ L510

SMT efficiency

Conditions (best) 8400 CPH/CHIP (equivalentto 0.43 seconds/CHIP)

SMT precision: (the company standardcomponents) absolute accuracy (mu + 3 sigma) : + / - 0.05 mm/QFP/CHIP, plus orminus 0.03 mm

Repeatability: (3 sigma) : + / - 0.03mm/QFP/CHIP, plus or minus 0.02 mm

Object components: 0402 (mm) - - 55 mmcomponents, SOP/SOJ, PLCC, QFP, joint, CSP/BGA, long joint (below W45 x L100mm)

Simple put heavy load control (10 ~ 30 n),need to press in SMT special-shaped components (special connector, etc.)

Below the object element height: 25.5 mm

Before moving into the base plate aboveallowed height below 6.5 mm

Element types

119 (maximum/conversion into 8 mm tape)(note 1)

81 (maximum/conversion into 8 mm tape, whenassembling sATS)

Power specifications: three-phase AC200/208/220/240/220/240/416 V + 10% for 50/60 Hz

For the gas source: more than 0.45 MPa,clean and dry condition

Overall dimensions

L1, 1562 (flat side) of 665 x W x H 1445 mmabove (cover)

L1, 665 x 1615 W (batch replacement carguide side) x H1, 445 m above (cover)

Body weight: about 1650 kg (only body)

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