YS24X small ultra-high speed module chip mounter

Product name: YS24X small ultra-high speedmodule chip mounter

Product number: YS24X

Products in detail

YS24X small high-speed placement machineYS24X general module satz automatically switched tray

54000 CPH (0.067 SEC/CHIP) general placementmachine best SMT capacity

Satz automatically switched tray corresponding supply device

L700x W460mm corresponding to very large substrates

Corresponding to the yamaha double tracksystem

0402-45 * 100 mm the corresponding components

H15mm corresponding height

Model: YS24X (model: KKT - 000)

Object substrate: L50 * W460mm W50mm ~ L700

SMT capacity: (best conditions) 54000 CPH(0.067 seconds/CHIP)

SMT precision: when the company evaluationby using standard components) absolute accuracy (mu + 3 sigma) : + / - 0.05mm/QFP/CHIP, plus or minus 0.05 mm

Repeat accuracy (3 sigma) : + / - 0.03mm/QFP/CHIP, plus or minus 0.03 mm

Element types: belt: 108 species(maximum/conversion into 8 mm tape)

Tray: 30 (maximum/converted to JEDEC tray)

Object components: 0402-45 * 100 mm, heightbelow 15 mm, configurable ball electrode element does - more than 32 mm, needto install special suction nozzle component

Power specifications: three-phase AC200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V + / - 10%

For the gas source: more than 0.45 Mpa,clean and dry condition

Dimension: (except protrusion) L1, 254 xW1, 687 x H1, 445 mm (only body) L1, 254 x W2, 020 x H1, 545 mm: assembly satz

Body weight: 1700 kg: only about 1890kg/main body: assembly satz

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